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IVN (Israel Venture Network) is a non-profit organization that works to reduce social and economic gaps in Israel, by initiating and leading projects and partnerships that aim to promote vulnerable populations and integrate them into civil society.


IVN was founded in 2001 by Israeli and American high-tech entrepreneurs and investors who chose to unite into a strong network, committed to solving the challenges facing Israeli society.


IVN's activities are based primarily on the management skills, experience, and

.expertise of its founders and partners over the years.


In the early years, IVN supported the education systems in Tiberias, Kiryat Shmona, and Sderot in cooperation with the Rashi Foundation and the Jewish Federation. In the following years, it established the "Avne Rosha" institute for the training and mentoring of school principals, in cooperation with Yad Hanadiv Foundation and the Ministry of Education.


In 2006, after the Second Lebanon War, it established a fund to provide loans and mentoring to businesses in the north, together with the Wertheim Foundation.

Supporting Social Businesses

IVN is a leader in the field of social impact investments in Israel. The association has supported over 70 social businesses that provide employment opportunities for diverse populations in Israel, including geographically and socially peripheral areas, people with disabilities, at-risk youth, the ultra-Orthodox community, the Arab community, and more.


In addition to financial investment in these businesses, IVN provides mentoring to help them establish, grow, and expand their social impact. The mentoring network consists of approximately 120 volunteers, all experienced business professionals who hold senior roles in various industries.


The network also contributes its expertise in assessing the suitability of IVN's investment decisions, ensuring a significant impact on reducing social gaps.

Immediate Support in an Emergency

These days, amid the Iron Swords War that was forced upon us by Hamas after it carried out a horrific massacre of the residents of the Gaza Strip and the entire Israeli nation. IVN is recruiting its diverse capabilities to continue to strengthen Israeli society, through two unique projects:


Gaza Strip Business Support: IVN has established, together with Shva, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and Klirmark Capital, a unique initiative in which immediate grants are provided to businesses in the Gaza Strip, which drive the local and national economy. These grants provide financial breathing room and the ability to take actions to adapt the business to the new situation.


Brothers at Heart: An IVN initiative in collaboration with the Settlement Education Administration in the Ministry of Education, in which grants are provided to schools in the combat zone in the south, for the benefit of emotional support for the students and teachers at the schools.

Reducing gaps and optimal response to the population of children and youth at risk

IVN's flagship future project is to provide professional expertise in the field of at-risk youth, to integrate them into society optimally, addressing aspects of education, employment, personal and social development, and leadership.


This integration will lead to the reduction of social gaps and the strengthening of social resilience. As part of this initiative, the National Center for the Training of Education and therapeutic teams for at-risk youths will be established, aiming to become the leading body in its field in the country. Individuals in roles involving at-risk youths will receive educational and therapeutic tools and specialize in the field to guide the youth toward optimal integration into society.


IVN will operate in this field in collaboration with government entities, academia, and philanthropy, basing its actions on innovative and advanced models that allow for the measurement of project success over time.

Board of Directors

Izik Danziger

Board Membe

Benny Levin Vice

Chairman of IVN

Eric Ben Hamo

Chairman of IVN

Claudio Irza

Committee Member

Eric Yaari

Committee Member

Daniel Pozner

Committee Member

Yael Biran

Committee Member

IVN Team

Aline Kanat

Office Manager

Nicole Breslov

Resource Development

Avital Govrin

Director of Ofakim Project

Naomi Ardman

Finance Manager

Avi Ganon


Vered Shoham

Director of the SEED Fund

Michal Wolfson

Director of the Initiative Fund

Yael Doron Drorin

Director of

Mefatzhim Future

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