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IVN strengthens Israeli society

Through projects and partnerships that narrow social gaps

Support Business IL

Immediate grants for small businesses in the Gaza envelope, for the creation of 'financial breathing space' and the ability to quickly adapt the business to the new situation.

In collaboration with Shva Company, the Jewish Agency, and Klirmark Capital.

Brothers at Heart

Providing emotional support grants to students and teaching staff in schools in battle areas in the South of the country, to improve coping and prevent the development of post-traumatic conditions.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education's Internal Settlement Administration and Youth Aliyah.

About IVN

The IVN Association was established in 2001, led by leading Israeli and American hi-tech entrepreneurs and investors who chose to unite to reduce social and economic gaps in Israeli society.

IVN focuses on special and innovative projects in education and support and mentoring of social businesses, understanding that these are catalysts that promote Israeli society and the reduction of internal gaps within it. The association's activity is based primarily on the management skills, experience, and expertise of its founders and partners over the years.

תמונת רקע לסטריפ

IVN Achievements


Establishment of the 'Avnei Roshah Institute' for training school administrators and strengthening education systems in the periphery


million invested in social businesses


years of experience in reducing social gaps in Israel


participents p in IVN

training and initiatives


mentoring hours

per year


social businesses received support and business mentoring

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