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חברת שבא, הסוכנות היהודית, עמותת IVN וחברת כלירמרק קפיטל משיקות את מיזם

"עוטף לעסק" שיסייע במתן מענקים לעסקים בעוטף שנפגעו מהמלחמה, כדי לאפשר להם להמשיך ולהניע את הכלכלה המקומית והלאומית.


מאות עסקים קטנים ביישובי העוטף נסגרו או נאלצו להפסיק לחלוטין את פעילותם בעקבות מלחמת חרבות ברזל. יוזמה חדשה ששמה 'עוטף לעסק' תסייע להם להחזיק מעמד בימים קשים אלו באמצעות מתן מענקים מיידיים, בהליך מהיר.

Purpose of the Project

Our goal is to provide immediate assistance to businesses that need "financial oxygen" in the coming period - to understand where their futures lie: returning the business to full operation, changing, or establishing a different business, all this to prevent collapse until the government authorities get involved.


In the future, and given the conditions and resources, we expect to expand the assistance to additional businesses and refer to business consulting and support providers, according to the requests of the business owners, so that they can make smart business decisions and plans.


VN, Shva (automated banking services in Israel) responsible for national payment systems, the Jewish Agency, the global foundation of the Jewish nation, and Klirmark Capital, a company that manages investment funds, have all joined forces to aid businesses in the Gaza envelope that have been affected by the war. They have also gathered businesses and donors from Israel and around the world.


The project is working in partnership with 'Ahim La'Neshek - Chamal Ezrachi' and with the technological partner Monday and is working to recruit additional partners to expand the circle of assistance to businesses.

Who is eligible for the grants?

The following businesses are eligible for assistance: small businesses located within a 0–7 kilometer radius of the Gaza envelope, registered businesses, and companies with a minimum annual turnover of 200,000 NIS to 2 million NIS.

registered businesses, and companies with a minimum annual turnover of 200,000 NIS to 2 million NIS.



The grant will be transferred within 3 business days from the date the application is approved by the project's team, after receiving the required details and documents.


The grant amount ranges from 5,000 NIS to 20,000 NIS per business.

*Eligibility for the grant is subject to the fund's criteria, the availability of donation funds for grants, and the absence of any legal/other impediment under any law. The foundation does not guarantee to grant the grant in any case, even if the conditions for granting it have been met.

Join and Support the Initiative!

The total cost of the initiative is 1.7 million NIS, and its impact is life-changing. We invite you to join us, to help students in the conflict areas and educational teams find the strength to overcome loss and trauma.

Donations are tax-deductible in Israel under Section 46 and under Section 501(c)(3) in the United States.

Contact us for collaboration and joining:

Aline Kenneth | 054-808-7556 |

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